For organisations

Do you want young people to engage actively with a topic? HOLY has special programmes for social and cultural organisations, youth organisations, libraries, NGOs, companies... For every organisation that wants to raise awareness among youth about societal, cultural or social issues in an appealing way. For schools, there is a schools’ programme.

HOLY uses social media and a clever online animation tool to make young people aware about a variety of social issues in a playful way. Youth are used to communicating in an online world. Here, they dare to express themselves by thinking critically about the topic of choice and by expressing their views about the environment, food, discrimination, politics, human rights, health, culture—you name it. 

Your own theme website facilitated by HOLY

Using the methodology developed by HOLY, your organisation can initiate its own individualised theme project. Your organisation will get its own domain name and a copy of the website like the one for “Clips for Freedom.” However, the website will feature your own theme and include your own logo and other personal elements. An example of an individual theme website is “Clips for Peace” from Utrecht.

Feel free to contact HOLY and let us know how we can support and facillitate your project. Anything is possible.

Ready-to-use themes from HOLY

You can participate in existing theme projects initiated by HOLY, such as “Clips for Freedom” and “Clips for Sustainability”. HOLY is continuously looking for new themes that appeal to young people. For instance, HOLY recently introduced the theme "Food from the ‘Hood." This project is intended to make youth aware of the importance of fair food and local produce.

You can also appropriate HOLY topics to suit your own specific aims and target audience. For instance “Clips for Freedom” can be altered to appeal to the elderly. Or “Clips for Sustainability” can focus specifically on sustainable energy sources. Feel free to discuss your ideas with HOLY. Give us a call at +31 20 716 3770. We are glad to help.

“I understood the tool at once and made a clip within one hour. So that went very rapidly. It’s very enjoyable to make a clip. It’s really your own and you can see what you have made.”
Pupil at Erfgooiers College Huizen
“Lively dialogues emerge, people clapped and laughed, they were proud, shy and occasionally ashamed.”
HOLY workshop leader