Welkom! Cultuureducatie mag nu niet stilstaan. Graag gaan wij in gesprek over een aanbod van creatieve en impactvolle workshops die wél mogelijk zijn. Flexibel en veerkrachtig zijn is de kunst, neem contact op info@holy.nl wij zien er naar uit!

HOLY encourages young people to express their thoughts about current topics through animations and provides workshops on how to do this. Young people can share animations they make anywhere they like: at schools, on social networks, at events—the kinds of places where young people like to gather.

Do you want to raise awareness among youth about a social topic or theme in an appealing way? The HOLY teaching method reaches youth through social media and a clever animation tool—the HOLY Animator. In 2010, this teaching method was nominated for an award by IPON, the Dutch Association for Information Technology and Education.

More than 125 schools and 30,000 young people have been involved in HOLY animation workshops on social themes. “Clips for Freedom” and “Clips for Sustainability” are well-known theme projects developed by HOLY.

In addition to hosting animation workshops, schools that have a partnership can implement the HOLY teaching method according to their own preferences during regular classes, project weeks, and/or in a multidisciplinary context.

Organisations can also initiate a theme project in collaboration with HOLY and can bring their theme of choice to young people’s attention by using the HOLY method as has been applied on the “Clips for Freedom” website. Your organization will receive a made-to-measure copy of the website.

Discuss your unique ideas with us. Anything is possible. Call us at  +31 20 716 3770.

Two articles about HOLY

On 17 November, HOLY was surprised two beautiful articles. Here you can read the article in the Dutch daily TROUW Green section about a sustainable society that starts at school.


Kick-off Food from the ’Hood Successful

A clip contest, quiz, and the unveiling of a HOLY vending machine—all in one lesson. Today the official kick-off of Food from the ’Hood took place at the Queen Wilhelmina College (KWC) in Culemborg.


Clips for Sustainability at the National Sustainability Congress

HOLY is proud to announce that clips made during Clips for Sustainability are being screened during the National Sustainability Congress in ‘s- Hertogenbosch on 30 November 2011.


Best wishes for 2013

HOLY wishes you a paradise in 2013, and the creativity to build it yourself! Click here for our New Year’s Clip.